Marble Cleaning and Restoration in London

Nothing quite says class like marble flooring, counter tops or steps.

Whether you have it in your home or in your workplace, visitors are often left speechless at the simple elegance marble accessories or surfaces can bring. Since the ancient Greeks, it has been used to create statues, busts and even temples due to is ease of use; it is simple to carve and shape making it the perfect material for home décor.

Even though marble appears to be a relatively hardy material, for a stone it is surprisingly soft and extremely porous, making it prone to cracking, chipping and trapping dirt on its surface. Therefore, it is the most common natural stone that restorative companies are called on to repair.

Potential Issues That Arise with Marble

If you have the good fortune to have any marble work surface around your home or office, you may have noticed that it appears faded or dulled.  This can give it a cheap or tired look, which is certainly not what you want!

As many homeowners are not experts in how to keep marble looking at its best, some of the most common issues we as restorers see are due to basic wear but can also be an underlying issue with the choice of marble, the location or its position in the home and even the temperature of the room.  

These issues are often, but not restricted to-

  • Fading/dulling- when marble loses its sheen.
  • Cracking- surface cracks are quite common in marble flooring and counter tops, but deeper cracks may be due to excess force or an underlying issue with the marble itself.
  • Chipping- more commonly seen in fireplaces, chipping is exceedingly common
  • Staining- did you spill wine on your marble floor? Its porous surface will often lock the wine in making it very difficult to remove, especially if it was red wine on white marble!

Service We Offer

At MK Marble, we want to help you keep your marble looking at it’s best.

We know that, given time, even the most well-kept marble flooring can lose its sheen with high traffic use and we are experts in restoring it to its original ‘freshly installed’ state.

Depending on the extent of the damage caused to your marble, where your marble is located and what the damage is (scratches or cracks for example), we offer a wide range of solutions at brilliant prices.

Grinding, Honing and Polishing

These techniques are commonly used to restore marble flooring that has lost its sheen and is scratched. It is also used to remove deeply set stains.

We use our specialised marble grinding equipment to remove any ledges, roughness as well as deep set stains and scratches.

Next, we hone the marble. Using industrial strength diamonds, we smooth the floor whilst bringing up the natural shine of the marble. In some instances, all your marble floor or tiling may need is honing to restore it’s shine and uniform appearance.

Polishing gives your marble floor a shine or semi shine using smaller industrial grade diamonds. Depending on the condition of your marble, this stage may be enough to restore it.

The final stage in our marble restoration is typically applying a sealant. This prevents any more dirt from penetrating into the marble, whilst also making it easier to clean and maintain.

Chip Repairs

Because it is a softer stone, marble is exceedingly prone to becoming chipped.

Once again, the techniques we choose to fix your chipped marble will depend on how big the chip is, if there are any cracks related to the chip and how large the area requiring restoration is.

We typically begin with a chemical clean to remove any dirt that may be inside the marble; this will create better adhesion.

We then apply a resin or glue of the necessary strength to reattach the chipped marble. If the chipped marble has broken, we will create a matching piece of marble to complete the repair.

When the marble is reattached, we sand and seal it to remove any visible cracks and prevent future reoccurrence.

Crack Repairs

Cracked marble may seem very difficult to repair but our experts know how to not only repair cracked marble at any depth but to also make it look good as new!

Depending on the depth of the crack into the marble, we may use grout that matches the marbles colouring, marble dust, resin or sometimes a combination of all three. If the crack is minor, we may use a simple (but delicate) honing technique.

Once the resin has set, we then sand the area to remove any evidence of the repair. We then apply a seal to strengthen the area.

Tile Replacement and Fixing

Regardless of whether you have a chipped or missing wall/floor tile, it can really be difficult to find a matching tile in common hardware stores; especially if your marble wall or floor has a specific colour scheme.

We will not only match your current marble colour scheme, but we will create a new tile(s) to the size and pattern exact specifications.

In the event of a broken tile, we will fix it to a secure, sturdy and visually perfect state, with our resin and sanding techniques.

Cleaning- Interior and Exterior

Of course, you may not need a large amount of work done to restore your marble to its once captivating state.

In these instances, and typically at the end of most jobs we perform, we will clean your marble surface using our specialised cleaners; designed for all types of marble, our cleaners will add a touch of sparkle to your floor and keep it impeccably preserved.

Need some marble repairs done that aren’t listed on here?

We offer the widest range of marble restoration procedures and provide many services that are not listed here. We are able to work with all types of marble available on the market; if your marble is rare or old, contact us and we will have it fixed in no time.