Quartz Cleaning and Restoration

A stone that is a natural combination of hardy raw materials, quartz is not only a visually beautiful option for tiling and countertops, it is also incredibly sturdy. This makes it the ideal material for other types of surfacing too, such as wall cladding and vanity tops.

Typically comprised of a mixture of very strong, natural quartz stone with added flecks or chips of glass and/or metal, quartz is nonporous, meaning that it will never require sealing and its texture will never allow bacteria or stains to penetrate the surface.  Ideal for use in bathrooms and kitchen, this stone comes in a wide array of colours and patterns to leave you with a beautiful and sturdy surface.

Another key reason quartz is so popular is its overall price; unlike its visually similar counterparts’ granite and marble, it is generally cheaper, while providing a very visually similar finish that is also a great deal sturdier.

Issues You Could Face with Quartz Surfaces

With all the great features of quartz stone as a choice for countertops, flooring and even walling, you may be curious as to what the issues are. How can a cheaper, beautiful and sturdier version of marble have any downsides?

At MK Marble, we are aware that there is no such thing as an absolutely perfect stone and would like to point out some key issues that you may face with any quartz surface.


You may think that an exceedingly strong stone surface could tolerate a very rough clean. You would be wrong.

Although quartz is stronger than other stone options on the market, it cannot handle tough cleaning practices like abrasive scouring pads. Though it is scratch resistant, it is not 100{21ebb2b6ccacaa2f774eb528517ef2a326fdd0df36061fd024516b1aa62e2bcd} scratch resistant; if you get too rough with it, scratches are going to form, meaning that your once nonporous stone now has a gateway for bits of dirt and bacteria to penetrate it.

Even though it is tough, if it is regularly being cleaned with store bought cleaners, erosion occurs; creating an uneven surface and creating deep set damages. This weakens the stones natural composite and can lead to chipping, cracking and even breaking.

Slip Hazards

Rarely considered when choosing quartz is its lack of adhesion. As it is naturally nonporous, any spills will simply sit on the surface and do nothing.

If you have children, you know how much they like to run around, and this spillage can lead to falls and slipping. Thus, you must be vigilant to wipe up any spillages as they happen to prevent accidents from happening.


In the event that you don’t wipe up a spillage and no accidents occur; you may be left with an incredibly intrenched stain that you cannot remove.

Quartz does not stain easily but when it does, you will be left scratching your head about how to remove it. You cannot use harsh cleaning products, wire wool or scouring pads as you risk damaging the surface.


Sadly, nothing lasts forever. Given enough time, the colour intensity of your quartz tiles will fade; tiles and work surfaces have to tolerate a lot of wear and tear, so fading many not become obvious for quite some time.

Services We Offer

As you can see, in comparison to other, softer stone available on the market, quartz certainly has a lot going for it. You may then be wondering what services you could possibly need and if you do need them, what your options are.

At MK Marble we know everything there is to know about quartz; as it is so commonly used, we know it is hard wearing but we also know how to identify problems that may occur due to improper care, cleaning or how to reduce slipping risks. Very useful if you have kids!


Quartz is cheap, hardy and can be wiped clean; ideal for individuals who love DIY right? Wrong.

We do not recommend installing and quartz surfacing yourself; unless you are a trained specialist, you are unlikely to have the specialist equipment needed to cut the quartz or create uniquely shaped tiles.

If want quartz flooring installed, call us! We offer competitive prices, with a certified quality guarantee and can provide other services too.

Cleaning, Buffing and Stain Removal

If your quartz surface is darker, it is unlikely to show dirt and as humans, we typically only clean what we can see.

In the event that you have somewhat neglected your quartz flooring, fret not. We can provide an expert cleaning surface that is not harsh and leaves your surface sparkling.

Does your flooring or quartz countertop have some deep-set stains? Not a problem. With our specialist, gentle buffing tools, we can remove deeply set stains with ease and level the surface afterwards. We take our time when buffing your quartz to ensure no spot is missed, using small circular motions.

Anti-slip coatings

We’ve already mentioned that one of the only downsides of quartz is in relation to its slippery surface creating a potential slip hazard.

You could invest in a wet floor sign but that is probably not the look you are going for post cleaning and does not cover against accidental spillages.

Luckily, there are anti slip coatings that can be applied to the surface of your quartz to make it less hazardous. Using a mixture of anti-slip aggregate and epoxy resin, we can apply an invisible topcoat to your flooring, making it safe to run about on and reducing risks associated with spillages. Well worth it if you have an active household.


We polish quartz surfaces using purely mechanical methods; rotational brushes at a low speed setting to give you the best finish.

We do not use liquid polishes as other stone restorers do, as this add to the overall dull appearance and prevents the natural shine of the stone being restored.

Worried you have a unique quartz related issue not listed here?

Contact us via phone or email and we will be happy to help.